We are a full-service music production partner, specializing in custom sonic solutions for film, television and advertising. And while we fully understand that crafting the right music makes a huge difference, we tenaciously believe that a music-forward approach can elevate your project from sound to feeling.


Help you precisely shape the perfect sonic vision for any size project.

Offer detailed strategic audio advice from the moment the brief drops.

Make sure your music delivers intelligently at all the right touchpoints for all the right likes, clicks and feels.


Elevate your custom music project to the extra next level.

Connect you with our award-winning composers, sound designers and (this is important) the right artists for the job.

Deliver all of the sounds you need in any vibe, any genre — no matter how off-the-wall you think it is, we can make it off-the-wall-er.


Can help you license that amazing track that you’ve always wanted to use.

Have the connections, relationships, insight and experience to get you working with artists, labels, and publishers for dream collabs.

Will make it happen — if you can hear it in your head, we can make it real.